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Bikini Girls – How You too Can Get One

January 15, 2011

Take a minute and thinking of the top things you want in life…the places you want to go…the things you want to see…experiences…possessions… I’m a firm believer that all of these things can be had, no matter what it is that you dream up…If you set your mind to something it can be had. For me…I had always wanted to land me one of those sexy bikini girls. This is my story…on how I shaped my goals and began going about setting up my life to make all things fall into place.

It all began three years ago when, perhaps just like you, I was going about my normal life…looking around at seeing how certain people around me seem to have that which they wanted to seemingly fall right into their lap…with what looked to me like little to no effort on their part. I wondered how this could happen over and over, time after time…Maybe, I thought, they were just lucky. Maybe they were in just the right place and at just the right time. Those time when I asked them how they got what they wanted the answer always boiled down to the same thing – they didn’t know.

How could they not know? This just didn’t make sense to me…Well some time passed and I made a few adjustments in my life…started hitting the gym…picked up some new hobbies including surfing and rock climbing…got me a motorcycle that I was fixing up. These changes weren’t drastic or all at once but odd things seemed to start happening seemingly out of place…more and more women started giving me the look. And we all know what look is, if you don’t then take a moment to remember a time when you were last hungry…and you caught that first waft of perfectly seasoned bbq steak…how it made your mouth water and how…at almost instinctual level not quite understandable…you felt that raw…animalistic push reach out and devour that flesh…

That is what the look communicates and what you should be looking for…that hunger in their eyes when what they see delights them. This is very important to our goal because whether we like it or not and much to my dislike it is women who get to have the first choosing rights. We can do all the parading around we want but without them singling out and choosing us from the rest of the crowed it will do us little good. This however can be worked to our advantage. It is a fact that many of the sexiest girls, and what we can specify is those sexy bikini girls, are not being hit on by the guys that they are choosing.

How can we do this? Well let’s look back at some of the things which I have incorporated into my life which helped me to land a few sexy bikini girls.

Started working out – Girls love guys who have a good physic.

Pick up fun hobbies – Don’t have time for the girls which will invariable draw them in even more.

Got a motorcycle – They can’t help themselves with the bad boys.

So there you have it…How I went from want to having my very own bikini girl. Take from my experience what you will but for me all of what has been in this has not only gotten me what I wanted but also helped me enjoy life that much more.

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